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Frida Kahlo 1920 - 2014

This is not the first thing I should see when I go on the Friday Kahlo tag
Frida Kahlo was one of the strongest most influential women to ever exist in Mexico and the world as a whole
How dare you
How fucking dare you
You do not take one of my few latina feminist role models and taint her with your patriarchal western society view of beauty
Fuck you
As a Mexican female who is hoping to make an impact on the world through the arts, finding such a strong feminist role model who I can connect to because of cultural backgrounds is hard enough to find
How dare you do this shit

Reblogging for the pic… Not the commentary lmao

reblogging for both. the commentary is necessary. 

Reblogging for the commentary cause even though she had physical flaws let us not forget that this woman had multiple lovers and was considered very attractive due to her natural state and her mind. She doesn’t need makeup to become acceptable, nor does anyone else tbh.

Yeah but you shouldn’t call those Physical flaws though…That’s the whole point of this. 


There is no stated intent with the original post.  Honestly I took it as “This is how she may be photoshopped were she a celebrity today”.  Or “The current style trend applied to a famous figure from the past”.  

I get that her look is distinctive and simple “her” but why is this so heinous and immediately jumped upon as someone trying to wash out her as a person?

I think it’s because Frida brought attention to her physical traits in her art to make a statement. She actually exaggerated them in her artwork as a way to draw attention to these issues. To erase them from her art and her photos would effectively erase part of her voice and a great part of what she intended to express with her artwork.

(Source: wildkittyy)


Anna May Wong's Certificate of Identity, August 18, 1924, National Archives at San Francisco.

She was born Wong Liu Tsong in 1905 in Los Angeles to a Cantonese-American family that had lived in America since at least 1855. However, being an American didn’t matter in a time when people of Chinese descent were being heavily legislated against. Beginning in 1909, any people of Chinese descent entering or residing in the US, regardless of the country of their birth, had to carry a Certificate of Identity with them at all times. Even at the peak of her fame, Wong still had to carry papers like the one above to prove she was allowed to be here. Read the rest of the article.

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